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Michigan Student Assault Penalties

Assaulting another student on campus is considered a serious offense. If a student physically harms another, they can expect punitive measure to be taken against them. In some cases, if an individual used a weapon, committed a hate crime, or caused a significant amount of physical harm to another individual, they could be sent to jail.

If you have been involved in a campus assailment, it is important that you contact a  seasoned student assault lawyer who could help you understand Michigan student assault penalties.

Assault as a Violation of Campus Code

Not all assaults are considered to be a violation of school campus codes. Michigan student assault penalties depend on where the assault took place. If an assault took place on a campus, in places like a classroom, a dorm room, or the school cafeteria, it would be considered a violation.

However, students need to know that they can also be punished by their school if they assaulted another student at a college party or local bar off-campus.

Are Public and Private School Students Treated Differently?

People often believe that private school students are protected more than public school students. However, this is no longer the case.

The Michigan student assault penalties for both private and public-school students are the similar. All students are obliged to comply with their student code of conduct. If any student violates a code of conduct, they should expect to be punished by the school.

In addition, irrespective of whether or not an individual is in private or public school, they could still receive criminal charges for the assault. Courts operate independently of schools.

School Penalties for Assaults on Campus

While general punitive measures can include having to serve time in jail, schools also enforce measures.

Schools are always hesitant to allow an individual who has been physically violent, on their campus. They have an obligation to ensure that students feel comfortable and safe while they are pursuing their education.

Due to this, schools often ask that students who have been involved in an assault take anger management classes. However, if the incident was extremely violent, Michigan student assault penalties can include suspension and expulsion.

Student Athletes

Historically, schools tend to be more lenient when leveling assault penalties against student athletes. Athletic teams often bring in a lot of revenue and recognition to schools, and therefore anything that can jeopardize that is not ideal. Due to this, schools prefer to protect them from scrutiny, but that does not mean that they will not face any consequences.

Contacting a Michigan Student Assault Defense Attorney

If you have been involved in an assault on campus, contact a Michigan assault lawyer immediately. Students often feel that the punishment they are facing is not serious because it is only campus level. However, these types of situations can quickly escalate into criminal offenses.

This is why it is important to have an attorney who can navigate both school penalties and court penalties. An experienced attorney could examine the accusations against you, the Michigan student assault penalties you may be facing, and defend your rights.