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Common Student Offenses in Michigan

When considering the different kinds of common student offenses in Michigan, a parent will want to know what situations would merit contacting an aggressive defense attorney and which may lead to particularly serious consequences for their child.

A professional lawyer could consult an individual on what their rights are during their particular circumstances, as well as the best options they have regarding the school’s disciplinary process. Read on to learn more about the different types of common student offenses in Michigan, as well as the ways a skilled attorney could offer you their assistance today.

Criminal Cases

In any situation involving the criminal system, a student will need representation from an experienced defense attorney. The most important cases that law enforcement will be scrutinizing are those involving any types of underage drinking or drug use, as well as sexual misconduct. These are the types of common student offenses in Michigan that can be particularly harmful to one’s future if convicted.

In addition, the student will also be looking at academic issues. Other common student offenses in Michigan could involve alleged cheating or honor code violations that are specific to each institution. For this reason, it is very important to carefully examine one’s student code so that they understand the full implications of the contract they agreed to by enrolling in the institution.

Right to Due Process

In all situations involving common student offenses in Michigan, an individual will have the right to due process, meaning that the student has the right to be represented in these matters regardless of the college’s opinion. While every case involves different details and evidence, no one can have their constitutional right to due process denied to them.

Even if a punishment process is kept internally within a university and no complaints are filed to law enforcement officers, a skilled attorney can still work toward ensuring that a student’s rights are protected and they do not have to face any unnecessary penalties. An attorney being involved could bring in a change in policy or procedure, which the university would never do voluntarily.

Public vs Private Institutions

When dealing with common student offenses in Michigan, an individual has to take into account whether or not they attend a public or private school. This is a significant difference, as private schools have the liberty to uphold much stricter student conduct codes that pertain to their particular moral or religious values.

While public schools are funded by the state and must adhere to state laws in all of their proceedings, private schools have much more leeway in deciding a student’s punishment. For example, if a school has a very strict policy against underage drinking or pre-marital sex, a private institution could potentially expel a student for engaging in those activities if it is allowed in their code of conduct.

Role of a Professional Defense Lawyer

If you wish to fight against the penalties involved in common student offenses in Michigan, do not hesitate to reach out to a professional defense attorney as soon as possible who can begin your case. A qualified lawyer can gather evidence on your behalf, create a strong argument in your favor, and interview key witnesses for their testimony in court. If you are being judged under the university code of conduct, you should have an attorney by your side during the entire proceeding. Sometimes the university may exceed its rights for handling student offenses. This is why it is essential to have a lawyer involve. Retain the skill of a knowledgeable attorney today for your initial consultation.