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Michigan Student Drug Defense Lawyer

Drug-related charges occur frequently in schools and on college campuses. A student charged with a drug offense could be facing suspension, expulsion, and in some cases, criminal consequences such as paying a fine or facing jail time. It is highly recommended for a student accused of this crime should get in contact with a dedicated and skilled attorney. A Michigan student drug defense lawyer could see to it that you are properly represented and will seek the most positive outcome for you.

Reporting Drug Allegations

Reports from people on campus are usually the origin of drug report allegations. People make reports based on red flags such as behavioral issues or parties where open drug use occurs. There may be other situations where students call in different types of drug allegations. Teachers, professors, and other school staff may notice strange or erratic behavior and make a report. For example, crimes like vandalism are often related to drug or alcohol use.

The type of drug often determines if and how a drug offense is reported. For instance, marijuana is a much more accepted type of recreational activity, although it is still illegal under federal law and Michigan statutes. College campus officials are more likely to encounter situations of someone smoking marijuana than an individual doing a harder drug or selling pills such as prescription medications to other individuals.

How do College Campuses Handle Marijuana Charges?

Many campuses in Michigan are known for their recreational drug use, especially marijuana. However, a person should also know that most colleges have a negative view of open marijuana use on their campuses, even if the individual has a medical marijuana card.

Some factors considered with a marijuana charge include the amount of the substance found on the person that indicates whether the marijuana was for recreational, intended to be distributed to other people for money, or be given away. If it is suspected that an individual planned to distribute a substance to others, they could be prosecuted more extensively with the student code of conduct and the criminal side than someone who was using marijuana for personal recreation.

Medical Marijuana

Michigan has the availability of medical marijuana. However, marijuana remains illegal. In most colleges, a person may find that use of marijuana violates their school’s student code of conduct and it is an illegal substance. This means that marijuana use is still discouraged on campuses and may result in sanctions from educational treatment programs to criminal charges. An individual may have to speak with the school to get permission to smoke medical marijuana. Reach out to a knowledgeable Michigan student drug defense lawyer for more insight.

Controlled Substance-Related Charges in College Campuses

These charges depend on the discovering agency. Many college campuses, such as Michigan State and the University of Michigan have individual police agencies. Campuses have their own specialized police forces and conduct a majority of the discovery of drug-related activity. For help with building a strong defense against substance related charges, consult with a Michigan student drug defense lawyer.

Consequences of Prescription Drug Offenses in Michigan

A person faces significant penalties for prescription drugs. Depending on the amount of a prescription, a person can be carrying many pills in one small pill bottle. This can put a person in a perilous position, especially if the drugs do not belong to them or they are caught trying to distribute them.

An individual could face a felony for prescription drug charges. Also, multiple categories of prescription medications are more severely prosecuted than others. For instance, opioids are currently prevalent and many people are becoming addicted. An addiction to opioids could lead to other drug abuse like heroin. Other drugs that carry severe penalties are ecstasy and Ritalin. These types of types are used often on college campuses.

Importance of Hiring a Michigan Student Drug Defense Attorney

Once a person is found to be responsible or guilty, they lose negotiating power and it is more difficult for an attorney to fix any problems that occurred. Instead, the individual should make sure to have a Michigan student drug defense lawyer who could address the issues and prevent them from happening. Whenever a person is involved in litigation due to an issue on campus, they should immediately hire an attorney, because that typically gives them a better chance at resolving the situation in a positive manner instead of trying to deal with the consequences after decisions are made.