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Michigan Student Drug Offense Investigations

As many people know, drug use on college campuses is common. This is why law enforcement works so tirelessly to keep drugs off campuses. Michigan student drug offense investigations are taken very seriously and students caught with drugs are facing serious consequences. If you would like to know more about investigations and how an attorney could help you, call a student drug offense lawyer today.

Where Drugs on Campuses Come From

Many illegal substances are not grown on the individual campuses. However, there are and have been cases of students, especially chemistry students, making their own drugs. Substances such as LSD were found on college campuses back in the 1960s and 70s. Only a small percentage of drugs are made on campus. This means that drugs must make their way onto campuses from external sources. Drug distribution can come from multiple places. There are huge narcotic rings in Mexico and Colombia that transport drugs to college campuses. Some drugs, like marijuana, are grown locally and distributed by someone who has a few marijuana plants. When law enforcement is conducting their Michigan student drug offense investigations, they look into all possible external sources.

Law Enforcement Operations Used to Discover Drugs

Drugs can be discovered by law enforcement in multiple ways. One of the common ways to find illegal substances is through general traffic stops. Law enforcement can also set up an operation where they use someone as an informant. They may also use sting operations during their Michigan drug offense investigation to find the suppliers.

The school will typically also have campus police and internal security forces that can conduct drug investigations. When the campus does not have its own individual police agency, they work in conjunction with local authorities to set up various types of stings. Rarely does campus police try to catch or detain suspected drug dealers. Instead, they can inform the local law enforcement agency. When the school informs the local authorities, the drug offense becomes criminal and the individual can be facing substantial prison time and other significant penalties.

When the Police Get Involved

The involvement of the police depends on who initially reports these types of offenses. Usually, the police do get involved early when they believe there has been a large number of drugs transported onto campus. They will then use informants or their own individual traffic stops to stop the distribution of drugs. Sometimes drug crimes might be detected by campus security or campus administration and then they will report it to the police before the police can do an investigation.

Illegal use of drugs is perceived as a scourge on society, especially on the campus. Drugs are a threat to all students, therefore, campus authorities are more proactive in stopping the influx of illegal drugs on campus. If you are a student have been charged with a drug crime, reach out to a seasoned and skilled defense attorney. An accomplished lawyer will be familiar with Michigan student drug offense investigations and could know which defense strategies to use in your case.