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Severity of Michigan Student Defense Penalties

If you are worried that your child’s future may be harmed by the severity of Michigan student defense penalties, know that a professional defense attorney can represent your child’s best interests in court. By fiercely advocating on their behalf, a dedicated lawyer experienced in punishment proceedings can help to protect your child’s reputation and work to decrease the severity of Michigan student defense penalties that they may be facing in the process. Read on to learn more about what may determine the severity of Michigan student defense penalties, as well as how a skilled attorney could offer you their assistance today.

Short-Term Punishments

A student’s short-term consequences in terms of the severity of Michigan student defense penalties will mostly depend upon the student conduct code of the institution they are attending. This could make one’s punishment range from a simple suspension to a complete revocation of one’s financial aid funds. In addition, if a student’s code has a very strict policy, they may be expelled.

Other punishments may include being removed from campus housing or given obligatory participation in community service. Because student crimes involving offenses such as sexual assault and rape are covered extensively by the media, one’s immediate reputation within an educational institution may be greatly affected as well.

Future Consequences

If convicted for a crime as a student, an individual will have that conviction on their permanent record which can be requested by a future employer or educational institution. As a result, a criminal conviction for a student offense can potentially affects one’s prospects for future employment or graduate studies. Background checks have become increasingly common for employers to perform before making a hiring decision. Several professionals within the medical field and commercial airline industry do not tolerate certain criminal behaviors, especially cases involving a DUI. Information on one’s arrest is often publicly available through the internet and law enforcement records, allowing anyone to find out about one’s criminal history. In this way, the severity of Michigan student defense penalties can have far-reaching consequences on one’s future aspirations and goals.

The Role of the Media

While an institution may initially keep an investigation internal within their own student disciplinary council, individuals now have the ability to share their stories through social media outlets. If their side of the events becomes viral and the university receives a large amount of disapproval from the media, the administration may change the way they were proceeding with a case to take it to the criminal level in order to protect their school’s image.

By handing the case off to the court to decide, the university attempts to shift some of the spotlight away from their actions so that public can instead focus on the criminal proceeding. However, after receiving pushback from students and the media, the school will often still be expected to take its own type of disciplinary action in order to protect its student body and accurately reflect its proclaimed values. In this way, the severity of Michigan student defense penalties may end up being harsher than originally intended.

If you wish to fight against the effects of the severity of Michigan student defense penalties, retain the skills of a qualified defense attorney today who can represent your child.