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Northville Conspiracy Lawyer

Anytime a person works with another to conspire to commit a crime, the conspiration is a crime in of itself. That is something many people do not realize when they are arrested on charges of conspiracy. Though much more common than many know, conspiracy charges are incredibly complex and can result in severe penalties.

If you have been charged with conspiracy, contact a Northville conspiracy lawyer as soon as possible. Chances are police have already begun conducting a thorough investigation into any potential crimes.

A skilled criminal defense attorney can match their investigation with their own hunt for evidence defending the charged individual. Call today to begin building your defense.

Understanding Conspiracy Charges

When a person has been arrested on charges of conspiracy, they are accused of acting, agreeing to act or intending to commit a crime. Depending on the type of crime the person planned to commit, they could be prosecuted by the state or by the federal government.

A relatively easy crime to convict someone of, conspiracy does not require exact proof of language used in agreement to commit a crime. Instead, one person’s testimony is enough to convict another.

Possible Penalties

Those convicted of criminal conspiracy in Michigan face severe consequences. Depending on the crime they intended to commit, a person may be looking at prison time, fines and at the very least, a tarnished criminal record. That can make job and apartment hunting difficult and even threaten a person’s reputation amongst their social circle.

A Northville conspiracy lawyer can help ensure the best possible outcome for those facing such penalties.

Conspiracy Investigations

Conspiracy charges are among the most serious the average person can face. Such charges vary drastically between individuals who are dealing small amounts of drugs up through people masterminding an entire pyramid scheme. As the conspiracy gets larger, so does the severity of the penalties.

To convict someone of conspiracy, prosecutors need proof both knowledge and intent that two people planned to commit a crime.

Conspiracy investigations are much more complex than the average criminal investigation, frequently involving many different police officers and jurisdictions spanning the local, state, and federal levels. Investigations into conspiracy sometimes include wiretappings, grand juries, title searches and even subpoenas for bank records. Police may also set up a watch to observe a person they are investigating over several days at a time.

Undercover agents may use advanced technology to investigate, too. They must make stealthy moves to outsmart those they are investigating. With so many people involved, it is no wonder Northville conspiracy investigations are so complicated.

Talk to a Northville Conspiracy Attorney Today

An attorney with knowledge of conspiracy crimes, police procedures, and the legalities surrounding conspiracies is invaluable for a person charged with this offense.

Hiring the right lawyer with the skills, knowledge, and experience necessary to defend you is critically important. With so much on the line, you cannot afford to select the wrong advocate.

A compassionate, skillful Northville conspiracy lawyer can help you establish a defense and gather evidence. They can help you receive your best possible outcome, given the details of your case. Contact an attorney now to begin your confidential consultation.