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Northville Expungement Lawyer

A criminal conviction can have profound and unexpected consequences on someone’s life. A criminal conviction results in short-term legal penalties, which depend on the offense. However, those convicted often do not realize the long-term effects a criminal record could have on their lives.

Those convicted of a crime in Northville may face limited employment opportunities due to their criminal record. Furthermore, prior convictions often factor into future legal issues that the convicted may face. Someone with a prior conviction may face stiffer penalties if they face criminal charges in the future. However, a criminal record does not have to follow you forever. Michigan law allows certain convictions to be expunged, or legally removed, from a person’s record.

The expungement process is complicated, and a Northville expungement lawyer can help you through it. If you are ready to leave your conviction behind, call and discuss your options with an experienced criminal attorney as soon as possible.

Expungement in Michigan

An expungement is a removal of the conviction from a person’s record. More specifically, when someone’s conviction is expunged, their criminal record is formally sealed from the public record. The conviction is set aside and is virtually erased from the person’s record as if it never existed in the first place. This means that employers and others will not be able to find the conviction. In Michigan, convictions are expunged one at a time.

Therefore, if someone has multiple convictions, each one must be set aside through a separate process. However, those with two misdemeanor convictions can apply to have both removed at the same time. Anyone with criminal offenses on their record should consider speaking with a Northville expungement lawyer about the possibility of getting it removed.

The Expungement Process

Once a conviction is set aside, that person can move forward with their life. However, the expungement process is complex and imposes many requirements on the person convicted. Until recently, state law prohibited those with more than one conviction from pursuing expungement. However, a new law has expanded the previous limitation.

Someone who has a felony and up to two misdemeanor convictions is still eligible for expungement. Those seeking expungement should call a Northville expungement lawyer for help right away. Expungement is essentially an application process.

To initiate the expungement process, the convicted person must submit an application to the state courts for their conviction to be set aside. The applicant’s expungement lawyer will file a motion to set aside the conviction. An applicant can file once five years have passed from the completion of their sentence. The court must weight the circumstances and behavior of the applicant and public welfare when considering an expungement application.

Benefit of an Attorney

It is important to note that expungement is not a legal right, and therefore some expungement applications are denied. Certain criminal convictions cannot be expunged by law. This is why anyone seeking to set aside a criminal conviction should call a Northville expungement attorney for help. An attorney can represent the applicant’s best interests in court, and make the case that they deserve expungement.

If you were convicted of a crime in Northville and are ready to move forward with your life, call an experienced Northville expungement lawyer immediately. To find out whether you qualify for expungement, speak with an attorney about your case.