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Northville Prostitution Lawyer

Michigan state law harshly punishes sexually based offenses, including prostitution and solicitation. Even a first-time charge of prostitution can result in stiff legal penalties along with a criminal record. Furthermore, those convicted of prostitution often face social consequences in addition to these legal penalties.

Because of the social stigma surrounding sexual offenses, a conviction for prostitution can severely limit someone’s employment opportunities in the future. If you are facing a prostitution charge, it may be imperative to contact a Northville prostitution lawyer about your case.

An experienced criminal defense attorney will closely examine the facts of your case, and use evidence to defend you in court. Importantly, your attorney will protect your right to a fair trial, and help ensure that you are not unfairly convicted due to the stigma attached to prostitution charges.

Defining Northville Prostitution Laws

In Michigan, the crime of prostitution is not limited to merely sexual intercourse, as in other states. According to Michigan Penal Code Section 750.448, anyone 16 years or older has committed prostitution if they “accost, solicit, or invite another person in a public place or in or from a building or vehicle, by word, gesture, or any other means, to commit prostitution or to do any other lewd or immoral act.” Therefore, state law considers prostitution to be the act of exchanging goods or services for any sexual act. This same law also prohibits soliciting prostitution. An experienced Northville prostitution lawyer can fight for an individual’s reputation in and out of the courtroom.

What is the Difference Between Prostitution and Solicitation?

Essentially, prostitution and solicitation are two sides of the same coin. Someone charged with prostitution is accused of selling sexual acts, and someone charged with solicitation is accused of buying sexual acts. Both crimes are misdemeanors, and those convicted could face tough penalties.

Related Crimes

There are numerous criminal offenses related to prostitution. One such offense is known as offering to engage and is prohibited by Michigan Penal Code Section 750.449. According to this law, anyone over 16 has committed a crime if they admit (or even offer to admit) someone else into a car, building, house, or other structure for the purpose of engaging in prostitution. Even though the person offering to engage may not actually attempt to engage in the sexual acts, they have participated in prostitution under the law.

Penalties for a Prostitution Conviction

Prostitution is a misdemeanor offense in Michigan, as is solicitation and offering to engage. Those convicted could face up to 93 days in jail and a maximum fine of $500. Penalties increase sharply for each subsequent conviction. Someone convicted of more than two misdemeanor prostitution offenses could face a felony charge. Complicating factors may mean that a prostitution charge could be enhanced from a misdemeanor to a felony.

If a minor was engaging in what would be considered prostitution, the person of solicitation could actually face a sex trafficking charge instead of mere solicitation. A Northville prostitution lawyer can help defend those facing such charges. If you are facing a prostitution charge, or any related charges, call a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible.