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Northville Student Defense Lawyer

A momentary lapse in judgment that results in criminal charges can have a significant impact on a young person’s life. If convicted, they could face harsh legal penalties, as well as jeopardized academic and job opportunities.

If you are a student, or if your child is facing a criminal charge, call a distinguished criminal lawyer as soon as possible. A Northville student defense lawyer can work closely with you throughout the entire case, defending you in and out of court. They can fight to minimize the impact a conviction could have on your life.

Academic Disciplinary Hearings

When a student is accused of a crime, they usually face two investigations, one conducted by police and prosecutors, and the other by their school. This is often the case for college students in particular. Academic disciplinary processes are very different from the criminal legal process.

Even if a student is not convicted of a crime in court, they could still face suspension or expulsion if the school determines they violated the student code of conduct. As part of its campus rape reduction strategy, the University of Michigan imposes such disciplinary hearings on any student accused of sexual assault.

Students accused of rape or sexual assault face an investigation and sanctions process that is not based on the state’s criminal law standards. In other words, the University of Michigan may find a student responsible for sexual assault even if the evidence of the alleged crime does not meet the legal burden of proof.

Consequences of a Criminal Conviction for Minors

Many students, and sometimes their parents, do not fully appreciate the serious legal penalties they could face if convicted of a crime. Often, minors charged with a crime believe they could face little to no legal punishment due to their age.

While it is true that a juvenile convicted of a crime faces lighter penalties than adults convicted of a similar crime, this does not mean convicted minors do not face stiff penalties. On the contrary, a minor convicted of a crime could face incarceration, probation, driver’s license suspension, fines, and other penalties, depending on the offense.

Prior convictions are taken into account if a minor faces future charges. In fact, enhanced penalties are often imposed based solely on whether a defendant has prior convictions. Importantly, a minor convicted of a crime not only faces legal penalties but other consequences as well.

Colleges and universities often screen applicants’ criminal backgrounds when making admission and scholarship decisions. With a criminal record, a student may miss out on these educational opportunities. A minor’s best chance at avoiding these consequences is to call a Northville student defense lawyer for help.

Benefit of an Attorney

Students accused of sexual assault, or any campus crime, have the right to outside counsel. An experienced Northville student defense attorney can help advise and protect a student’s rights during the academic disciplinary process. Northville students facing criminal charges or academic investigation should call a Northville student defense lawyer for help. If you are concerned about how a conviction could impact your future, call now to discuss your case with a lawyer.