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Oakland County Criminal Lawyer

When criminal charges are lodged, entire lives can change, essentially in an instant. The fear, pressure, and uncertainty felt by the accused can prove crippling, particularly given all that is at stake. Physical incarceration, employment loss, financial penalties and social ramifications stemming from a conviction make a strong defense strategy and excellent legal representation critical.

Regardless of the type of criminal allegations you are facing, there really is no time to waste when it comes to finding an Oakland County criminal lawyer who is committed to protecting your rights and pursuing the most positive outcome possible in your case. En EspaƱol.

Criminal Offense Categories

The extensive provisions of the Michigan Penal Code articulate a wide range of punishable offenses within the state and the types of sanctions applicable to each.

Given the breadth of the code and the numerous types of criminal activities discussed therein, it is wise for defendants to gain an understanding of precisely what the allegations against them actually entail with the help of a criminal defense lawyer in Oakland County.

The seriousness of a crime will determine whether it is considered to be a felony or a misdemeanor offense, classifications which bring significant implications in terms of potential penalties.

Offenses categorized as misdemeanors are commonly thought of as being less serious in nature, bringing with them possible jail terms of one year or less, or up to one year and monetary sanctions not exceeding $1,000.

Felony Crimes

Felony crimes are generally perceived as far more noteworthy, given the onerous punishments they routinely produce and the harm they cause to victims, families, and everyone touched by them. Michigan further separates felonies into distinct categories which help determine sentencing parameters.

In some instances, it is possible for defendants to face anywhere from several years of incarceration up to life in prison, devastating financial fines and more.

There are also collateral consequences those accused of serious crimes in Michigan can suffer permanent damage to personal reputations, career prospects, and familial relationships, making it extremely important to secure knowledgeable, aggressive Oakland County legal counsel who will do everything possible to lessen the likelihood of such harm.

Common Criminal Charges

Again, the criminal law landscape in Michigan is quite vast, and there is an expansive realm of offenses for which charges can be lodged. However, among the most frequently-seen allegations are those related to:

  • Homicide offenses
  • Larceny crimes
  • Drug crimes
  • Assault and battery offenses
  • Criminal sexual conduct
  • Gun crimes
  • Vehicular crimes, including driving while intoxicated

Building a Defense

Though perspective can often be difficult for criminal defendants to achieve during the heat of battle, it is important to remember that charges alone do not mean that a conviction is a foregone conclusion. Every accused individual is innocent until proven guilty and entitled to a dedicated legal defense.

Through careful examination of available evidence, it is often possible for an Oakland County criminal attorney to seriously undermine the state’s case, exclude the fruits of illegal searches by using constitutional objections and achieve beneficial outcomes.

The key, of course, is to begin the process of fighting back as soon as possible once charges have been issued. The faster decisive action is taken to assess the strength of the prosecution’s arguments and begin attacking them at every turn, the better the chances of having the charges dropped or reduced, negotiating significant mitigation of penalties or prevailing at trial.

How a Criminal Attorney Can Help

If you have been confronted with the frightening specter of a criminal charge in Michigan, the best course of action is to obtain experienced legal representation without delay. By enlisting the guidance of an Oakland County criminal lawyer, you can take affirmative steps toward ensuring your receipt of fair treatment in the courts.