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Plymouth Federal Criminal Lawyer

Any alleged violation of federal law may provoke some of the most serious criminal allegations you can face in Plymouth. The federal law enforcement agencies that look into these crimes may conduct an invasive investigation into your finances, your family, and your career, and the criminal consequences you ultimately may face can be life-changing.

It is easy to feel helpless when facing charges of federal offenses. However, a Plymouth federal criminal lawyer could provide excellence in criminal defense and defend your best interests in court. By ensuring the court recognizes your rights, a focused criminal defense attorney could fight back against prosecutors and work to present a comprehensive defense on your behalf.

How Do Federal Cases Differ from Other Criminal Offenses?

Most criminal charges are a matter for Michigan’s state courts. However, federal agencies such as the FBI, the DEA, and the ATF all have the authority to investigate violations of federal laws and may become involved in such circumstances. These agencies could then send the case to the United States Attorney’s Office for prosecution, where the case is heard in a United States District Court.

Court proceedings are generally the same in both state and federal systems. All defendants have the right to an attorney, who may cross-examine all witnesses and discover all evidence that will be brought against that defendant in court. In most federal cases, it is advisable to secure representation from a dedicated Plymouth federal criminal defense attorney well before facing trial.

What Types of Cases Do US District Courts Hear?

United States federal courts only have jurisdiction to hear cases that involve violation of federal law. Major areas of law that federal court cases typically address include federal drug laws, federal firearm laws, and child pornography laws. No matter the exact nature of the charges, a federal criminal lawyer in Plymouth can help you fully understand all the accusations against you.

Some federal laws are fairly straightforward and similar to state laws. Much like that in most states, federal law prohibits the possession, sale, or manufacture of illegal drugs, to name one example. In a federal case, though, convictions could be particularly harsh, with penalties including the possibility of a life sentence.

Furthermore, while the law details no person can force or entice a child to participate in the production of pornography, the offense only becomes a federal crime if the child is taken across state lines. A conviction related to federal child pornography offenses carry a mandatory minimum penalty ranging from 15 to 30 years in prison.

Allow a Plymouth Federal Criminal Attorney to Provide Legal Assistance

Although many criminal charges that you may face in federal court are also illegal under Michigan state law, a conviction in federal court could carry enhanced penalties. When facing accusations of federal offenses, you should take every step available to protect yourself, your rights, and your future.

Hiring a Plymouth federal criminal lawyer on your side could greatly improve your chances of securing a favorable resolution in court. By challenging the government’s accusations at every turn, an experienced attorney could provide the excellence in criminal defense you need. Call today to schedule an initial consultation and begin working on your case.