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Sanilac County DUI Drug Lawyer

Since drugged driving is as serious a criminal charge as drunk driving, the same statute addresses both offenses and sets forth the penalties. A Sanilac County DUI drug lawyer may be able to advise you of your rights if you are accused of driving while impaired by drugs.

Working with an aggressive criminal defense attorney may be the key to fighting against DUI drug charges. Having a strong criminal defense advocate on your side can help minimize the impact that the charges could have on your life by presenting relevant information and defending against accusations of criminal activity.

Charges Related to Driving While Impaired by Drugs

Various sections of Michigan Compiled Laws § 257.625 may apply when law enforcement authorities charge individuals with drug DUIs. Mich. Comp. Laws § 257.625(1) prohibits individuals from driving while intoxicated. This section defines “operating while intoxicated” as occurring when drivers ingest any controlled substances or intoxicating substances and drive.

A similar charge is operating with the presence of drugs (OWPD), pursuant to Mich. Comp. Laws § 257.625(8). This offense is also a misdemeanor, and it involves drivers who have any traceable amount of a Schedule I controlled substance or cocaine, a Schedule II controlled substance, in their systems. There is no minimum amount of the controlled substance required for charges of OWPD

Mich. Comp. Laws § 257.625(3) makes it unlawful to drive while visibly impaired by alcohol, a controlled substance, or any intoxicating substance. This section differs from the other in the statute since an OWVI requires the demonstration of visible impairment in the ability to safely and effectively operate motor vehicles.

Defending Against DUI Drug Charges

The implications of a DUI drug conviction could impact a person’s future for years to come. Depending on the circumstances of a charge, a Sanilac County attorney could advise on various defenses to fight back against DUI drug charges. Some of these defenses may include challenging:

  • The validity of the traffic stop
  • The legitimacy of any search warrants utilized
  • The administration or results of blood or urine tests
  • The legitimacy of the procedures used by police

Identifying and raising these defenses as needed is not always a straightforward process. Building a strong defense often requires vast legal knowledge. Getting dedicated representation when facing charges of drug-impaired driving may be the key to a strong defense.

Possible Penalties in Sanilac County Drugged Driving Cases

No matter the exact charge, the penalties for drugged driving are typically the same. Since judges have the discretion to determine the exact terms of each sentence, penalties may vary greatly from one case to the next. Any conviction may lead to a jail sentence, community service, license suspensions, revocations, or restrictions, and fines. In some cases, convicted people could also be subject to license plate confiscation, vehicle immobilization, and forfeiture, and might be required to install an ignition interlock device in their vehicle.

Subsequent offenses and other factors may increase these penalties. A DUI drug attorney can help minimize or avoid the impact of penalties in Sanilac County when individuals have prior convictions on their records.

A Sanilac County DUI Drug Attorney Can Be an Advocate

Drugged driving charges, whether OWI, OWVI, or OWPD, could result in serious penalties that have a substantial effect on your personal and professional life. In this situation, a Sanilac County DUI drug lawyer may be able to give you the advice and counsel necessary to mitigate the potential impact of an impaired driving charge on your life.

Having an experienced legal representative guide you throughout any criminal proceedings can be instrumental to favorably resolving your case. Allow a criminal attorney to review the charges you face and offer legal advice during an initial consultation today.