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Keith Corbett

Keith Corbett

Attorney "Of Counsel"

Keith Corbett is the son of a New York Police Officer, who has been described by one of the many newspapers that featured him as “a cocky, street-smart Irish kid from Brooklyn.” After graduating in 1967 from a seminary with plans to become a priest, Mr. Corbett enrolled at Canisius College in Buffalo, where he obtained a political science degree in 1971. Then, in 1974, he graduated from the Notre Dame Law School in 1974 and was soon admitted to the Michigan Bar. His first government position was with the Oakland County Michigan Prosecuting Attorney’s Office. Shortly after he left this position to take on a Federal Position, eventually becoming the Chief of the Organized Crime and Racketeering Division for the U.S. Federal Attorney’s office.

Mr. Corbett was honored by receiving the Executive Director’s award for “Outstanding Trial Practice” from the Executive Office of the U.S. Attorney. Mr. Corbett has tried thousands of criminal cases at both the state and federal levels. Many of these cases were extraordinarily complicated, and had dozens of boxes of evidence. Mr. Corbett is also largely credited as having, in the 1990s, taken down the Detroit Mafia after he helped convict the top leaders of racketeering and other charges spanning three decades. It’s been said of Mr. Corbett that “he can try cases with little preparation, yet recall key evidence with lethal precision.”

Because of his superior trial strategy and record of courtroom success, Mr. Corbett has been asked to teach trial tactics to attorneys at the University of Michigan School of Law and at The Department of Justice in South Carolina, Brazil, Uzbekistan, and Germany.

In His Own Words

I have been practicing law for more than 40 years now and for 35 of those years, I was a prosecutor—mostly in the federal system—for about 31 years. When I retired from government service, my area of expertise was criminal law but I didn’t really feel comfortable representing drug dealers, and organized crime figures, and significant criminals. So, I was looking around for something where I could use the skills I had developed as a prosecutor and trial attorney in a context that would make me feel personally comfortable. And when the opportunity to work at the Barone Defense Firm came, knowing that they specialize in DUI and OWI cases, I felt that this was an area where I can do some good.

Now with the expansion of the Firm into other areas of criminal law, including health care and prescription fraud, public corruption, gun law and medical marijuana, the people we represent are solid citizens who may be falsely accused, or who may have made a poor decision one day and we do not want to see their lives ruined because of that. I believe that people shouldn’t lose their entire lives for one mistake. So, I enjoy the opportunity to help people overcome a poor decision, and move on, and put themselves in a position where they can go forward with their lives. Plus, I have the luxury of being able to decide what cases to accept and which to pass on.

Keith Corbett
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