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Troy Drug Lawyer

The courts in Troy treat drug use, abuse, and trafficking very seriously, and those facing drug charges may also face costly fines and extensive prison time in the wake of a conviction. If you have recently received drug charges, know that a professional Troy drug lawyer could help. By fighting to protect the rights of the accused, a skilled defense attorney could weaken the argument of the prosecution to work towards your acquittal or penalty mitigation. A dedicated Troy drug lawyer could help those who are the target of drug-related investigations by clarifying their rights and legal options moving forward. Read on to learn more about how a qualified Troy drug lawyer could work to make a difference in your case today. En Español.

Consequences of a Drug Offense in Troy

Drug charges in Troy can have long-lasting ramifications. Examples of immediate consequences following a conviction for a drug charge can include imprisonment, expensive fines, and community service or drug rehabilitation obligations. Afterward, those with drug offenses on their criminal record could struggle to find future employment and housing opportunities. Many positions, whether voluntary or paid, require background checks. For those seeking custody of children following a divorce, a drug charge could hinder primary custody. In order to fight against these potential consequences, it is extremely important to acquire legal representation from a Troy drug lawyer as soon as possible following one’s arrest.

Common Defenses Against Drug Charges

In many circumstances, the strength of a drug crime case lies not with the evidence but with the decisions made by police and investigators. If the police illegally stopped a car, searched a home, or seized property, the case they bring may not be viable. In some cases, improperly obtained evidence can be inadmissible in court, thus forcing the court to drop the charges altogether. To thoroughly investigate drug charges, an experienced Troy drug lawyer may interview witnesses, review dashboard videotape of the arrest, and investigate the history of the officers involved.

How a Troy Drug Lawyer Can Fight Back

By looking beyond the events that led to the arrest, a weathered Troy drug lawyer could determine the legitimacy of one’s case. When informants are involved, that case may be even more questionable. Since informants are usually seeking plea bargains, their testimony may be unreliable. Even if the investigation was completely legal, the case as a whole could be rendered false due to a mistaken identity of the accused. If the drugs belonged to someone else or a lab test confirms that they are not actually controlled substances, there could be grounds for a dismissal. Reach out to a determined defense attorney to learn more.

Consult with a Professional Troy Drug Lawyer Today

If you are facing drug charges, a vigorous defense strategy may be the best option for you in court. An attorney could act as an aggressive advocate on your behalf in the wake of harmful accusations. Do not hesitate to reach out to a seasoned Troy drug lawyer today to set up your consultation.