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Troy Fraud Lawyer

Michigan criminal law defines fraud as intentional deception committed for financial gain or to cause damage to another. Most frequently, individuals commit fraud to obtain something valuable while giving false information about financials.

If you are facing fraud charges, an experienced attorney could help. Just one conversation with a Troy fraud lawyer could help you begin to move forward. Take the first steps towards putting these accusations behind you by calling now.

Most Common Types of Fraud

There are a wide variety of common fraud charges in Troy, some of which are more common than others. Anyone facing accusations of fraud may benefit from speaking to a Troy fraud lawyer as soon as possible. When so much is at stake, it may be important to be proactive in seeking legal representation.

  • Criminal Fraud: Any time a person misrepresents themselves to gain something of value, they may face criminal charges. This can include behaviors like repeating information known to be false or concealing facts from alleged victims
  • Credit Card Fraud: Counterfeiting credit cards, using stolen or lost cards, and acquiring credit cards through fraudulent means can all result in fraud charges
  • Identity Theft: When someone obtains another person’s identification card, social security number, or credit card information and uses it for personal gain they may face fraud charges
  • Mortgage Fraud: Lying or otherwise misrepresenting one’s income or debt on a home loan can qualify as fraud
  • Internet Fraud: Hacking, online identity theft, and illegal file sharing all fall under the umbrella of internet fraud
  • Mail Fraud: Distributing materials targeting the elderly, job seekers, and others through materials in the mail can result in fraud charges
  • Insurance Fraud: Providing false information to an insurance company to gain something of value is a form of fraud


No matter what type of fraud charges a person might be facing, the potential penalties could be stiff. Fraud offenses may result in extensive fines, jail time, restitution payments, court costs, and the weight of a criminal record. A Fraud conviction could also be on a person’s permanent record, which could lead to a person having a hard time finding employment.

A person could also settle for a plea deal. Plea deals are relatively common in fraud cases since the government is most concerned with the return of the money. An attorney could help you decide if this is a viable option.

Get Help from a Troy Fraud Attorney Today

Fraud spans a wide range of fields and organizations. Since there are so many forms of fraud, it may be beneficial for those accused of fraud to have a lawyer familiar with various fraud defense strategies. A Troy fraud lawyer could help the accused seek justice and ensure the best possible outcome given the circumstances.

Call a Troy fraud lawyer today to begin building your defense and getting you back to your life before your arrest. A free consultation could clarify your rights and help you begin to move forward. With so much on the line, though, time is of the essence. Call as soon as possible to give yourself every advantage possible.