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Troy Gun Lawyer

Although gun ownership in America is a constitutional right, several limitations on gun ownership have sprung up recently in the wake of increased gun violence. Troy enforces several statutes outlining who can purchase firearms, what kinds of guns may be sold, and when and where individuals may carry their weapons.

Though it can be a challenge to keep all the gun laws straight, failure to do so could result in prison time, expensive fines, and a criminal record that may follow you for the rest of your life.

If you are facing gun charges in Michigan, a knowledgeable attorney could help you with your case. Call today to set up a free consultation with a Troy gun lawyer who may be able to offer guidance and representation as you face weapons charges. En Español.

Common Gun Violations in Troy

With more than three dozen statutes on weapons in the Michigan penal code, it can be relatively easy to face a gun offense. There are several common gun charges residents of Troy face.

Under certain circumstances, carrying a concealed weapon in Troy can be a felony offense. If someone has a weapon on their person or in their vehicle without a concealed carry license, they may face charges. Even with a permit, guns are not permitted on certain public premises.

Illegal possession of a weapon is another common charge. Certain guns—particularly those with modifications—are illegal in Troy under any circumstances. When people face charges of illegal possession, they may face extended prison time and costly fines.

Those with felony convictions may not own guns until they meet all conditions to have their rights restored. Any convicted felon in possession of a firearm may face additional felony charges on top of any other criminal charges. In order to avoid felony charges, a person should consider speaking with a Troy gun lawyer. A skilled attorney could be able to explain to a person the severity of these penalties and the potential defenses to undertake.

Fourth Amendment Violations

Too often, gun charges stem from illegal searches and seizures. When police violate a person’s Fourth Amendment rights, the court may dismiss the charges against them.

A Troy gun attorney could work to investigate an arrest and determine if police violated a person’s rights. In cases where they jeopardized an individual’s Fourth Amendment rights, an experienced attorney may be an asset.

Benefits of Hiring a Troy Gun Lawyer

If you are facing weapons charges in Troy, a gun attorney could help protect your rights. An attorney may be your best advocate in the wake of unfair and illegal searches, and could advocate on your behalf in court for decreased penalties or dismissed charges altogether. Of course, to start building a defense, you first must talk to a lawyer about the specific circumstances of your case.

A Troy gun lawyer may be able to build a strong defense and work towards ensuring a positive outcome for you. You have rights as a gun owner—do not allow police to violate those rights. Explore your options for defense strategies by speaking with an experienced attorney. Call today for a free consultation.