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How Barone Uses Legal Abilities Outside of Court

Question: How do you use your legal gifts and abilities outside of Michigan courtrooms to better society?

Answer: Well, I try to give back to the community in many different ways. I have written a two-volume legal treatise, which is designed to help other lawyers throughout the country know how to appropriately defend drunk driving cases. I’ve also written close to 100 articles on the topic of drunk driving defense, trial practice, criminal defense, etc. and I also teach a class at one of Michigan’s law schools. I am either not paid for these activities or am paid very little. I just feel strongly that most of Michigan’s citizens are not well represented in court, particularly in drunk driving cases, and I wanted to teach other lawyers what I know so that they can do a better job for their clients.

I am also a frequent lecturer and I’ve appeared on TV and radio regarding these topics, and I’ve spent more than 1,000 hours learning psychodrama, and am now giving workshops to lawyers and non-lawyers about how to use psychodrama in their respective professions.

I’m also very active in my church, where I help others deepen their faith and in many instances help them with their various hurts, habits, and hangups, including many different types of addictions.