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How Brian Corby Got Into Michigan Legal Industry

Question: Tell me about your background. How did you get into the legal industry?

Answer: Well, in college I majored in political science and I minored in criminal justice. After graduation, I began a clerkship for a personal injury law firm in Southfield, Michigan. Within a year, an opportunity arose for a paralegal position in a Deerborne based full-service practice. During the later part of the 1990s, my roll in that firm transitioned into litigation and operations management. At that point, my concentration and priorities shifted from legal brief writing to document management and stream lining of work flow for several attorneys and support staff.

I would say that my underlying cause for getting into the legal industry was to follow my late father’s footsteps. He was a corporate attorney. Like my father, I’ve always had a strong passion for business. This passion would later serve me well in joining the Barone defense firm. I was hired on as firm manager by Patrick Barone in 2006, where my primary duties consisted of litigation, operations, and personnel management. In 2010 my role expanded into finance management. In 2012 I was promoted to chief operating officer. As COO my role transitioned into growing the company and to extending our mission to helping a much larger population than in years passed.