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Consequences For Out-of-state DUI Charge

Question: What happens to an out-of-state driver who is charged with DUI in Michigan?

Answer: If anybody is charged, whether they are in state or out-of-state, usually they are required to appear in the court where it happened. So, whatever county court or district court that it happened, they’re supposed to come. There are times when a court may excuse that person’s presence, but typically they’re required to come to court, usually within a couple weeks of the arrest. So they would be charged just like anybody else—it doesn’t matter where you’re from. One other thing though is that the license sanctions are very different from state to state. Some states might treat what happens in Michigan very lightly and other states might treat it more severely than we do in our state. So it’s important to always find out which state the client is coming from so we can make sure we address the licensing concerns back in the home state.