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What Else Barone Does for Michigan Clients

Question: What do you do for your clients other than defend them in the Michigan courtrooms?

Answer: I’ve already talked about helping our clients with the trauma of being accused in a criminal case. As lawyers, our title is Attorney and Counselor, and we take our role as counselors very seriously. To put this in medical terms—to use sort of a metaphor—we don’t just treat the symptom or the disease, we treat the whole patient. And this means we interview our clients to find out why they were arrested, not why did the police pull them over.

What was happening in their life that led to them being charged with drunk driving? And then we try to help provide them or find them services to help them deal with whatever the underlying issues might be. In some cases our clients are battling drug or alcohol issues or perhaps even a mental health issue. Whatever’s going on in the clients life, we try to help guide them through the system so that they can come out better on the other side.