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Fulfillment Boyle Gets Out of Legal Defense Career

Question: Tell me about the joy or sense of fulfillment you get out of your career.

Answer: While I can’t disagree that accolades and accomplishments and recognitions from peers and acquittals and dismissals are the headlines of what I do. That’s what catches the eye. But for me, the fulfillment is leaving someone’s life in a better place than when I came into it. A phone call from a father three years after I represented his son because he wanted to tell me how well his son was doing in life.

An email from an old client just telling me that they just got their five year chip of sobriety. A new client that comes to me maybe because I represented a friend or a family member of theirs. The fact that I become a part of these people’s lives, that I am the person that they trust and entrust with their life and their future. That’s what gives me the fulfillment of my career.