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Michigan Clients Helped by Use of Psychodrama

Question: How do you use psychodrama to help your clients?

Answer: If you think about psychodrama itself, it arose out of the same period of time that Freud was doing his thing. So we have the more typical therapy, which is talk therapy: you sit down on the couch and the therapist takes notes and then makes an interpretation. A psychodramatist—and this came from J.L. Moreno, he’s the person that invented this—they would ask you instead of telling me what happened and I’m taking notes, to show me what happened. So you would actually get up and reenact the event in your life. And that would both help you as the, what we call the protagonist, to gain more insight, and would also help me, the director or the therapist, to determine how to incorporate that more broadly into the therapeutic goals.