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Non-Alcohol Causes of Intoxication in Michigan

Question: Can intoxication be caused by something other than alcohol?

Answer: There are different types of medical conditions that can mimic intoxication. And then the new thing that is really becoming more and more emphasized is intoxicated driving involving drugs, particularly prescription drugs. So a person can take a prescription drug and have no clue that the side effect, the unwanted side effect, would be an intoxication that can impact their driving and then be potentially observable by the police officer. So what you have is a completely intent less crime; the person never intended to do anything wrong, other than try to treat a medical condition, and yet they find themselves in exactly the same position as someone who drank too much, maybe went off to the bar and irresponsibly drank too much and then drove. And it doesn’t seem right that those two people are in the same category, but they are.