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Fulfillment Working at the Barone Defense Firm

Question: What is the joy or sense of fulfillment you get out of your career...

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How I Got Into the Legal Industry in Michigan

Question: How did you get into the legal industry in Michigan? Answer: I graduated with...

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Role at Barone Defense Firm in Michigan

Question: What is your role at Barone Defense Firm in Michigan? Answer: I am the...

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Michigan Payment Plan Options

Question: Can you explain your payment plan options for Michigan clients? Answer: We have several...

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Appearing in Court for Michigan OWI

Question: How will I know when I am supposed to appear in court during my...

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How To Be Proactive in Michigan DUI Case

Question: What are some things that I can do to be proactive about my pending...

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Your license after an Arrest for First Offense OWI in Michigan

Question: What happens to my license after an arrest for first-offense OWI in Michigan? Answer:...

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Barone Defense Firm Interns

Question: Do you use any interns at the Barone Defense Firm? Answer: We’ve tried that...

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Barone Sums Up Mission of Barone Defense Firm

Question: In your own words, what is the mission of the Barone Defense Firm in...

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Brian Corby Joy Working With Barone Defense Firm

Question: Tell me about the joy or sense of fulfillment you get out of your...

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