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Psychodrama Use with Barone Defense Firm Team

Question: How do you use psychodrama within your team at the Barone Defense Firm?

Answer: So let me explain to you, to answer that question, how a sociodrama might unfold. So we bring together a group—let’s just say it’s the law firm, the entire law firm—and we do a series of exercises to get the group warmed up to things that might be happening in the office that are causing problems. And we eventually decide as a group which of those problems to have a look at more closely. And it may be dealing with a difficult client or dealing with a difficult clerk at a court or whatever it might be that the group has warmed up to. And what will then happen is, we will not actually reenact a specific event, but more the stereotypic event where that would occur. And each of us would then play the part of the different participants in that fictitional scene. And that might mean that I would reverse roles with the receptionist who’s actually taking that call or the secretary that’s taking that call. And that gives me more insight into what it’s like to be them. They might reverse roles with me and have to make the decision of what to do with that client, and that gives them more insight into what it’s like to be me. And that type of role reversal, which is really the sine qua non of psychodrama, is what gives you much greater insight and therefore empathy for the other people that are both in your work environment as well as more broadly in your life.