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Sense of Fulfillment from Defending Michigan Cases

Question: Tell me about the sense of fulfillment you get out of your career defending clients from Michigan drunk driving charges.

Answer: One thing I’ve learned about intoxicated driving cases is that the people who are accused of this crime are not by any means stereotypical criminals. Anyone who drinks alcohol and then drives, which, by the way, is not at all illegal, can find themselves accused of this crime—no criminal intent is necessary.

This means that I am able to help fellow citizens through a very traumatic event in their lives, like being arrested for a crime. The greatest fulfillment comes when we, meaning the entire firm as a team, help a person win back their lives, meaning we help them get through the trauma of being arrested and charged with a criminal case, and in many ways, help them put their lives back to the place it was before they got arrested—meaning, make it like it never happened. We also are able, in some cases, to make it even better for the client, and that’s where I get the greatest satisfaction.