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Wayne County DUI Lawyer

The 2015 Drunk Driving Audit conducted by the Michigan State Police revealed that Wayne County ranked first in that year’s tally of arrests made for the offenses of operating a vehicle under the influence of liquor or operating with the presence of drugs.

Those suspected of placing the safety of others in jeopardy by driving while intoxicated are vulnerable to a whole host of penalties, and the potential for arrest by law enforcement officers across the Metro Detroit area is very real. Individuals who are ultimately found guilty of driving under such conditions face a range of severe sanctions, many of which can have a detrimental impact on their lives for years to come.

Lengthy terms of imprisonment, onerous monetary fines, licensing restrictions and revocations and other consequences can bring about a series of consequences that are truly devastating in effect. As a result, it may be vital to contact a Wayne County DUI lawyer for those facing allegations of impaired driving. An experienced criminal attorney can help you fight for your rights and help you defend your future.

Prohibitions Against Drunk Driving in Michigan

The Michigan legislature has taken pains to outline the circumstances under which a driver can be found guilty of operating under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Motorists are prohibited from driving while intoxicated or impaired by alcohol, certain types of prescribed substances and illegal drugs.

It is unlawful for a driver to have a blood alcohol content above 0.08 or above 0.17 for super drunk enhanced penalty purposes. Drivers may not operate vehicles with any amount of either cocaine or a Schedule 1 controlled substance in their bloodstream.

What are the Laws for Under-21 Drunk Driving Offenses?

Those under 21 years of age are forbidden from operating a vehicle if their blood alcohol content measures 0.02 or higher or any amount at all unless the measurement is the result of consuming a beverage as part of a recognized, ceremonial religious event. Drivers in this age group are also prohibited from purchasing, possessing or consuming such beverages and are only permitted to transport such products if there is a passenger in the vehicle who is 21 or older.

DUI Criminal Sanctions

The punishments possible for those convicted of drunk driving crimes can be profoundly damaging, even in the case of a first-time offender. Jail time and license suspensions can lead to job losses, making financial survival impossible for many. Wayne County DUI lawyers have seen that first offenses routinely yield up to 93 days incarceration, months of licensing sanctions, costly financial fines and other conditions which can upend entire families.

Those who are convicted of a second offense within seven years are at risk of lengthier jail sentences, lifetime license revocation, vehicle forfeiture and more. Third-time offenders will be designated as felons if convicted, and they may face:

  • Imprisonment lasting upwards of five years
  • Driver license revocation
  • Vehicle forfeiture or mandatory immobilization

Enhanced Penalties in Cases Producing Injury or Death

When driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol produces tragic injuries or death, motorists found guilty of such acts can anticipate ever more onerous penalties. Prison terms lasting up to 15 years, tens of thousands of dollars in fines and a lifetime of social stigma and ancillary consequences are just a few of the ramifications almost certain to follow this type of conviction.

Though the aftermath of being charged with a drunk driving offense often feels quite bleak, defendants must remember that techniques aimed at undermining the state’s case may indeed exist. From questioning the validity of the traffic stop itself to casting doubt on the accuracy of blood or breath testing, accident reconstruction reports, death certificates, etc., all such avenues must be explored. There simply can be no doubt about the necessity of developing a vigorous, comprehensive defense strategy as soon as possible after charges of this nature are issued.

Speaking with a Wayne County DUI Lawyer

Anyone whose life experience includes fighting back against a drunk driving charge in Michigan will attest to the stress and strain involved. They will also likely emphasize that without the knowledgeable help of a Wayne County DUI lawyer in asserting each defendant’s right to fair treatment in the courts, the chances of a positive outcome shrink considerably. If you are facing charges of this type, the time to take decisive action and secure critical legal guidance is now.