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Wayne County Prostitution Lawyer

Police in Wayne County have previously set up situations known as prostitution stings, in an attempt to deter crime. Too often, however, police end up entrapping those arrested for prostitution or solicitation. When that happens, someone who otherwise would not engage in prostitution or solicitation could face serious criminal charges.

Have you been charged with prostitution, solicitation, or pandering in Wayne County? If so, contact an experienced Wayne County prostitution lawyer today.

A dedicated defense lawyer can work hard to defend you, and your reputation, against these allegations. Read the information below to learn more about Michigan’s prostitution laws. Then, call a criminal defense attorney to discuss your case.

Offering to Engage in Prostitution

In Michigan, there are numerous criminal offenses related to prostitution. All of these are serious crimes, given that they are sexually based offenses.

According to Michigan Penal Code Section 750.449, anyone 16 years of age or older who “admits or offers to receive or admit a person into a place, structure, house, building, or vehicle for the purpose of prostitution” has committed the crime of prostitution. This charge is known as “offering to engage,” and it is a misdemeanor.

State law provides that anyone convicted of this crime could face up to 93 days in jail and a fine up to $500. However, those convicted for offering to engage in the City of Detroit face a mandatory 45-day jail sentence, even for a first offense.

Prostitution and Solicitation

Prostitution and solicitation are both prohibited under Michigan Penal Code Section 750.448. Prostitution means offering to accept or accepting money in exchange for sexual activity.

According to the law, someone who sells or attempts to sell any sexual act, not just sexual intercourse, has committed prostitution. In the same vein, anyone who offers to pay for such sexual activity has committed the related crime of solicitation.

Someone could face a solicitation charge even if the sexual act itself did not take place; it is enough to charge them if they simply offer to pay. Both prostitution and solicitation are misdemeanor offenses, and those convicted could face harsh legal penalties.

Penalties for a Prostitution Conviction

Those convicted of a first-time prostitution or solicitation offense could face up to 93 days in jail and a maximum fine of $500.

These penalties are what someone could face solely for their very first conviction. However, if they are charged again in the future, they could face enhanced penalties due to their conviction record. In fact, those convicted of more than two misdemeanor prostitution offenses could face a felony if charged again.

Pandering Charges

Pandering, or pimping, is a prostitution-related offense, but is more serious than an offering to engage or solicitation charge. In Michigan, pandering means procuring a prostitute for someone else, or enticing someone to become a prostitute. Pandering is a felony, and is punishable by up to 20 years.

Furthermore, anyone who knowingly takes, shares, or attempts to take or share, money earned through prostitution has also committed a felony crime. Those facing a pandering charge should contact an experienced Wayne County prostitution lawyer immediately upon arrest.

Turn to a Wayne County Prostitution Attorney Today

If you are facing a prostitution charge, or any related charge, contact a Wayne County prostitution defense lawyer who can examine all the aspects of your case and advise you of your legal options going forward.