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Wayne County Solicitation Lawyer

A solicitation is an act of seeking sexual gratification from another individual in exchange for something of value. Both the party looking for sexual services and the individual providing them can face over three months in prison and fines of up to $500 if convicted for this offense. If you are facing charges of solicitation in Wayne County, consider contacting an experienced Wayne County solicitation lawyer. A weathered defense attorney could review the charges against you and determine the best way for you to proceed. Read on to learn more about how a dedicated Wayne County solicitation lawyer could work to make a difference in your case today.

Wayne County Solicitation Laws

Michigan law defines solicitation as seeking sexual services for hire. According to MI Statute Sec. 750.448 et seq., is it illegal to solicit someone for lewd or immoral purposes. Under Detroit City Ordinance Sec. 38-9 et seq., it is illegal to solicit someone in public to commit an act of prostitution. The ordinance considers solicitation a misdemeanor and can result in spending a minimum of 45 days in prison or up to 90 days in total, paying a fine of $500, performing community service, and in some cases, registering as a sex offender. Those with prior convictions can receive greater sentences and anyone with three convictions may face felony charges, potentially resulting in significant jail time.

Wayne County solicitation charges can be very complex. Penalties can differ depending on which law the offense falls under and whether a Wayne County judge provides for leniency for first time offenders, young offenders, and other circumstances surrounding the arrest. This is where having a determined Wayne County solicitation lawyer can help the most.

Potential Penalties Following Conviction

Wayne County penalizes first offenses for soliciting prostitution, engaging in prostitution, or aiding someone in the act of prostitution by spending up to 93 days in jail and paying a fine of up to $500 plus costs. Other penalties can include probation, counseling, community service, and drug and alcohol testing. Second offenses are also misdemeanors which can result in spending up to one year in prison and paying fines of $1,000. Third offenses are generally felonies and can result in spending up to two years in prison with fines of $2,000.

Penalties for engaging in prostitution with anyone under 18 years of age are generally felonies and can result in spending five years in prison and paying fines of up to $10,000. In addition, anyone convicted of pimping or pandering can face felony charges and jail time of up to 20 years. A skilled defense attorney can offer their assistance to individuals facing these charges through aggressive representation in court.

Working with a Wayne County Solicitation Lawyer

If you are facing solicitation charges, you may need to consider contacting a Wayne County solicitation lawyer as soon as possible for legal representation. Let an experienced attorney review the charges against you to determine what legal options may be best for your situation. Do not let this experience affect the rest of your life and your reputation. Reach out to a professional Wayne County solicitation lawyer today for a confidential consultation to find out how they can help.