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Birmingham Traffic Charges

Driving is an everyday routine for most residents in Birmingham. With so many people on the road, traffic violations are bound to happen. Some Birmingham traffic charges are simple civil infractions and tickets, while others may even be felonies. If you have been charged with a traffic violation, retain an experienced traffic lawyer for excellence in criminal defense.

Traffic Infraction Penalties

The potential penalties of a traffic infraction in Birmingham include anything from a simple fine to jail time. Most people are familiar with traffic civil infractions which warrant a ticket, carrying fines and points on a license as a penalty. Additional points on a driver’s license often lead to higher insurance premiums or even license restriction, suspension, or revocation. An attorney may eventually be able to help restore your license after time.

More severe than civil infractions are traffic misdemeanors. These are the lower-level traffic crimes, though they are still real criminal charges. These charges could potentially lead to incarceration, though rare. The 48th District Court of Bloomfield Hills usually gives jail sentences for what they deem actionable traffic misdemeanors such as drunk and reckless driving.

Above misdemeanor charges are traffic felonies. Depending on the number of drunk driving or other infractions in their past, combined with the severity of the result. If somebody is traumatically injured or there was a death that resulted from the traffic violation, a normal civil infraction could turn into a potential felony.

It is essential to understand that traffic violations may have much more at stake than a simple ticket. Traffic offenses may stack up, leading to criminal charges. It is important to have the right representation to potentially prevent any self-incrimination.  Finally, it is important to understand that traffic infractions are not expungable at a later date.  If you end up with a conviction, you will have that on your record for life.

Misdemeanor Traffic Charges

Circumstances in which a traffic infraction might be considered a misdemeanor vary. Some of the more common traffic misdemeanors are reckless driving, drunk driving, driving with an expired license, lacking a driver’s license in possession, or not having auto insurance.

Even if people are unaware of their infractions, they may still be called into court for violations. These charges could lead to advanced penalties including possible jail time. The outcome largely depends on the driver’s prior record, which judge hears the case, and the facts surrounding the circumstance of their arrest. However, with the help of a seasoned attorney, misdemeanor traffic charges in Birmingham may be beatable.

Felony Traffic Charges

There are several circumstances in which traffic infractions might rise to the level of a felony in Birmingham. If there are deaths, severe injuries, drugs, or alcohol involved with the accident. Additionally, prior offenses may aggravate the current charge to a felony. Other felony situations include attempts to elude the police or failing to stop when pulled over.

A Lawyer Could Help You Fight Traffic Charges

Whether it is something as simple as a speeding ticket and you are worried about your insurance premiums going up, or a felony reckless driving charge, having a traffic attorney by your side could make a significant difference. If you are currently facing traffic charges, call an attorney today to schedule a consultation for your case.