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Birmingham Traffic Points System

All traffic violations in Michigan share the penalty of points on a driver’s license. Whether it is a driver’s first speeding infraction, or failing to stop at a traffic light, points on their license will add up until there are severe consequences. If you have been charged with a traffic offense, you may need the services of an experienced traffic attorney. The Birmingham traffic points system can be difficult to understand and how it applies to your case.

Explaining The Traffic Point System

The point system is written into Michigan state law. Any time any kind of infraction is received, that infraction has a specific predetermined number of points that go with that individual offense. When there is a conviction or a finding of responsibility, under the statute the court is required to contact the Secretary of State with the conviction offense and they will automatically assign points based on the conviction.

Every traffic violation has a predetermined amount of points in Birmingham. The secretary of state, law enforcement officers, and experienced traffic attorneys will all know the amount of points that each conviction will carry. If an individual gets more than 12 points on their license at any point, they are required to attend a hearing in court. The hearing will determine if they are still allowed to possess a drivers license, or if it should be suspended or revoked. Having a license restored from suspension or revocation can be very difficult.

If there are multiple offenses in the same traffic stop that would accrue points, only the points from the more severe offense will be added to a license. The maximum amount of points for any conviction is six points. Together, this means that the maximum amount of points that could be assigned from a single traffic stop would be six.

Simply receiving a charge or a ticket does not assess points. There must be a conviction in court to have points put on a license. After being given, points remain on a person’s license for two years following the incident. If too many points are accrued within the same time period, the drivers ability to maintain a license may be at risk.

Beyond the legal consequences and fines, there are other financial implications. When points are assigned on a license due to a traffic conviction or ticket, the driver’s insurance premium generally becomes more expensive.

When to Contact a Defense Attorney

If you have been involved in a traffic stop that led to a ticket or traffic violation, you may need to hire a defense attorney.  It is essential that you are aware of what the charges against you are, and avoid self-incrimination. Even a simple speeding ticket may have implications on your ability to drive if you have any prior points on your license.

It is easy to simply accept a ticket and pay the fine, but paying the fine is an admission of guilt that may result in additional fees, and increased insurance rates. If you are facing a traffic violation or speeding ticket, call an attorney today to start working on your case and prevent any further consequences from the Birmingham traffic points system.