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Birmingham Speed Limits

In the city of Birmingham, speed limits are posted everywhere and vary based on the nature of the street. A seasoned speeding lawyer may be able to clarify traffic ordinances and how they apply in the greater Birmingham community. Call today and learn more from a knowledgeable legal professional.

Standard Speed Limits in Birmingham

The standard speed limits in Birmingham residential areas are 25 miles per hour. There are speed limit signs posted at each entry to Birmingham indicating the limit. Also, other signs may show that radar may be used to enforce the speed limit.

The Birmingham police often use the entrances to the city to justify speeding tickets for those exiting a 35 mile per hour zone into a 25 mile per hour zone. There are other major thoroughfares, including through Woodward Avenue that comes through Birmingham, which has a speed limit of 45 and 50 miles an hour depending on the section of the road.

A change in speed is something that police officers use to justify stops to do further investigations and see if they could search vehicles at times. It is important to understand that the laws in Birmingham are radar enforced. For more information, contact an accomplished defense lawyer.

How Far Over the Speed Limit Can One Go Before Being Pulled Over?

Even a single mile an hour over the speed limit in the city of Birmingham is enough for a traffic stop. Generally, in the State of Michigan, there is some minor allowance for traveling above the speed limits by police officers. Each officer has their own baseline that they use. Many times it is five miles per hour over the posted speed limit and sometimes it is 10 miles per hour over. However, just because certain officers may let it slide does not mean that it is legal, or that an individual can do it without repercussions.

Birmingham controls speeds in the city due to the high density of residential areas. The people who reside on those streets generally want their streets to be traveled slowly to feel they live in a nice, quiet environment.

Common Scenarios Leading to a Traffic Stop for Speeding

Some of the most common scenarios where a person gets caught speeding in Birmingham include speeding in school areas and entrances to the city. Most of the time, people entering Birmingham will see that officers are stationed near the schools, especially around school openings and closings to make sure that people are traveling at the appropriate 25 miles per hour speed limit, obeying crossing guards, and yielding to pedestrian traffic around the school.

It is common for police officers to sit at entrances to the City of Birmingham, including coming up from Southfield or down through Adams as they enter the town and the speed limit drops in a very short distance. It is common for officers to pull people over at the various inlets and outlets of Birmingham where those speed limit changes take place.

It is also common for Birmingham police officers to patrol the Old Woodward traffic, especially at night as people are driving through Birmingham on their way back to Bloomfield Hills or Pontiac, heading north in a general direction, or sometimes heading south from those areas. They patrol those areas to try and find people from out of the community to write tickets in an effort to protect the community.

Contact a Birmingham Lawyer About Speed Limits

Local traffic ordinances depend on the type of street and other factors, including the presence of schools, residential homes, or other public buildings. Police are waiting to catch speeders and can initiate a traffic stop if a driver is going even a single mile an hour over the limit. If you have been given a speeding ticket, call a lawyer today to learn more about your rights, Birmingham speed limits, and how a lawyer may help build your defense.