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Clarkston Conspiracy Lawyer

Speaking with a skilled criminal defense attorney might help you stand up for your rights if you have been accused of a conspiracy to commit a crime. Understanding the charges against you and your rights in the criminal justice process can help you build a robust legal strategy and improve your chances of a positive outcome.

Conspiracy cases can involve almost any criminal activity, and there is usually one or more other person accused as a co-conspirator. Regardless of the number of parties implicated, conspiracy charges can be very serious with long-lasting consequences, so it may be wise to call a Clarkston conspiracy lawyer for counsel.

What Is Conspiracy?

Conspiracy in Clarkston can involve nearly any criminal act from theft to assault. Whenever police have believed that two or more people agreed to break the law, conspiracy charges may be leveled. A Clarkston conspiracy defense attorney can help you identify what led to conspiracy allegations in a particular case.

General Conspiracy to Commit Illegal Acts

Under Michigan Penal Code ยง750.157a, any person plotting with others to commit a criminal act, or to commit a legal act in an illegal manner, is guilty of conspiracy. This means that any person involved in planning criminal activity can be charged with a conspiracy offense even if they did not participate in the underlying crime.

Prosecutors can actually pursue conspiracy charges even if no underlying crime was committed. Persons accused of these crimes may not always understand why they were charged or what they did wrong, but talented legal counsel can review these cases and help plan a defense strategy.

Specific Conspiracy Laws

Conspiracy laws also prohibit certain types of contracts and business arrangements. Specifically, contracts to limit production, set prices, or create any terms that would restrict free-market competition in business or labor are prohibited.

It is also illegal to solicit a person to deal large quantities of drugs or other felonies. In this context, solicitation entails offering to give money, services, or anything of value in exchange for the commission of the crime.

Penalties for Conspiracy in Clarkston

Penalties for conspiracy depend on the alleged underlying crime and can be severe in some cases. Generally, potential penalties for conspiracy charges are similar to those for the underlying offense:

  • Life in prison for solicitation to commit murder
  • Up to five years in prison and a fine for solicitation of felonies punishable by five or more years imprisonment
  • Up to two years in prison and a fine for solicitation of felonies punishable by less than five years imprisonment

Penalties may also be harsher if a person solicits a minor to commit a felony.

Defenses to Conspiracy Allegations

There are sometimes legal defenses available for conspiracy charges. Defenses in conspiracy cases may include:

  • A person knew the actual conspirators but did not participate in or know about the conspiracy
  • The made an agreement with someone, but no illegal activity was involved or related
  • The person did solicit someone to commit a crime, but before the commission of the crime made substantial efforts to rescind the offer and prevent the crime

An accused person may face difficulty in convincing a judge or jury of these defenses, but a qualified conspiracy lawyer in Clarkston can be a powerful advocate on your behalf.

A Clarkston Conspiracy Attorney May Be Able to Help

If you face conspiracy charges, statements made to police prosecutors can limit the availability of legal options. Legal counsel can review your case and start working to obtain a more favorable outcome for you. Call now for excellence in criminal defense from an experienced Clarkston conspiracy lawyer.