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Clarkston Fraud Lawyer

A criminal allegation of fraud can involve multiple statutes, different types of behavior, and a range of penalties. An experienced Clarkston fraud lawyer might be able to help you understand how these various laws and circumstances might apply to your case.

If you are facing fraud charges, a seasoned criminal defense attorney can help you understand your rights and potentially advocate for you in court. Speaking with counsel early in the case may be key to protecting your rights.

Examples of Fraud

Fraud laws can be especially challenging to understand compared to those which define other criminal acts, as many different crimes may be considered a type of fraud. Chapter XLII of the Michigan Penal Code includes many statutes that define specific fraud crimes, such as:

  • Fraudulently obtaining the signature of another with the intent to cheat the person (Michigan Penal Code §750.273)
  • Tampering with water, electric, or gas lines and meters
  • Selling goods with a label or stamp that falsely represents the brand or item
  • Falsely labeling food products

There is also retail fraud, which involves switching price tags on items to pay a retailer less than their asking price.

Fraud crimes range in severity from misdemeanors to serious felonies that may result in ten years of prison and a large fine. Even conspiring to commit fraud is a crime. A Clarkston fraud attorney can explain the possible penalties as well as helping fight for a potentially better outcome.

Ways a Lawyer Can Help

Small details can sometimes make a significant difference in a case’s outcome, so understanding individual rights and the proper procedure to review and handle detailed evidence is critical for the proper handling of a fraud case. A fraud lawyer in Clarkston can help ensure that you follow proper procedures, protect your individual rights, and fight for the best possible outcome in your case.

Handling Complex Evidence

In cases involving securities fraud and other types of corporate and financial fraud, admissible evidence may include large volumes of records and witnesses statements. Even in less complex cases, financial records and other detailed evidence may be relevant. Skilled legal counsel can review the available evidence and provide advice on how it may impact your case.

Standing Up for Your Rights

If you are accused of fraud, you have certain indelible rights, including the right to fully understand the accusations against you of as well as the right to review any evidence. You also have the right to not speak with police, investigators, and prosecutors about the case.

Statements made to law enforcement or prosecutors may be detrimental to a defense case, regardless of whether the person has done anything wrong. A fraud lawyer in Clarkston can provide excellence in criminal defense, ensuring that your best interest is at the core of your defense strategy.

Let a Clarkston Fraud Attorney Help Today

A Clarkston fraud lawyer can be the advocate you need when handling fraud allegations. Laws and evidence involved in fraud cases are often complicated, but skilled legal counsel may be able to help you navigate through your charges effectively. Start working to protect your rights by calling an attorney today.