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Grand Rapids Federal Criminal Lawyer

If you are facing federal criminal charges or being investigated by an agency like the FBI or DEA, it hardly bears repeating that the potential consequences could be incredibly severe. Since federal agents and prosecutors have extensive resources and experience in the federal system, retaining a knowledgeable Grand Rapids federal criminal lawyer who can match their capabilities may be your best move. A seasoned criminal defense attorney could help you mount an aggressive defense to the federal charges and their significant penalties.

What is Considered a Federal Crime?

Put as simply as possible, federal crimes are a violation of federal law, which typically takes precedence over state law for alleged criminal acts that occur within multiple states or otherwise cross state lines. While the breadth of what federal law can cover is extensive, some of the most commonly pursued federal crimes involve white-collar actions or financially-based crime. This could include various types of fraud or embezzlement cases. Other federal criminal charges may include:

  • Kidnapping
  • Counterfeiting and forgery
  • Identity theft
  • Interstate domestic violence
  • Racketeering

People accused of federal, white-collar, or financial offenses often have little to no experience with the federal court system. If you are faced with any of these situations, you should consider working with a focused Grand Rapids federal criminal lawyer who can advise on potential steps you could take to pursue a positive outcome to your case.

Penalties for Federal Offenses

The penalties for a conviction on a federal criminal charge might vary significantly given the type of crime involved. Simple infractions may lead to no more than five days in jail while federal crimes are often classified as felonies, notably those alleging financial offenses or white-collar crime. If a federal offense is considered a Class A felony, anyone convicted of that charge could face a potential life sentence.

Other felony and misdemeanor charges may not lead to prison sentences longer than 25 years or longer than one year, respectively. It should be noted that various other possible penalties fall to the discretion of the court in the majority of federal cases.

With the potential prison sentences, the court may also order a defendant found guilty of a federal crime to pay a fine. The fines for convicted individuals range from up to $5,000 for an infraction to as much as $250,000 for a felony. Organizations found guilty of a federal crime may face fines as high as $500,000.

While financial crimes often specifically lead to multiple allegations of wrongdoing and multiple convictions at once, multiple terms of imprisonment may run concurrently unless the court orders otherwise. Without strong representation from a federal criminal attorney in Grand Rapids, you could run the risk of receiving the maximum possible penalties for federal offenses.

Jurisdiction for Federal Criminal Prosecutions in Grand Rapids

 There are two federal court districts in Michigan—one Eastern District and one Western District. The federal court in each of these districts has jurisdiction in the state for any federal offenses against the laws of the United States. It may be beneficial to have a lawyer experienced with federal jurisdiction courts assist with cases in either district.

An attorney could also assist defendants who want to appeal a federal ruling. To do this, they must appeal their case to the United States Court of Appeals in the federal judicial circuit where the district court is located. The United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit has jurisdiction over federal appeals arising from Michigan.

Make Complex Cases Easier with a Grand Rapids Federal Criminal Attorney

 The seriousness and complexity of federal criminal cases may necessitate a well-practiced Grand Rapids federal criminal lawyer on your side who could help you stand up for your rights. Reach out today to learn what an attorney who can provide excellence in criminal defense could do for you and begin working on your case.