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Grand Rapids White-Collar Lawyer

Facing any charge of white-collar crime could drastically change your life. A conviction may tarnish your reputation, impact your ability to work in your industry, or might end your career entirely. For these reasons, consulting a Grand Rapids white-collar lawyer may be of utmost importance to you and your best interests.

A knowledgeable federal defense attorney can perform an independent investigation into the circumstances surrounding your case and evaluate the evidence against you. Retaining experienced legal counsel that can provide excellence in criminal defense is the ideal way to develop the strongest and most effective response to any criminal charges you face.

Definitions of White-Collar Criminal Offenses

Most white-collar crimes involve some type of fraud, dishonesty, or deceit for personal financial gain. In lieu of violence or inflicting physical injuries, these offenses focus on the appropriation of funds or other types of valuable property. White-collar crime also typically involves using a professional or fiduciary position to obtain funds or property for personal benefit.

As an example, if an accountant assisted clients in unlawfully hiding income or assets from the IRS, they may have committed a white-collar criminal action given the information and access granted by their position. Given that understanding what may constitute white-collar criminal activity is often difficult, it can be beneficial to fully discuss your situation with a seasoned white-collar attorney in Grand Rapids.

Common Professional Crimes in Grand Rapids

There are many different criminal offenses that are classified as white-collar crimes. Offenses may range from employee theft of small amounts of liquid cash to elaborate fraud schemes involving hundreds or thousands of people. Specific criminal actions that are commonly considered white-collar crime include:

  • Fraud, which may entail mail fraud, wire fraud, mortgage fraud, tax fraud, and insurance fraud
  • Embezzlement
  • Identity theft
  • Computer crimes
  • Healthcare fraud and billing scams

In many cases, the audits and investigations that lead to white-collar criminal charges are lengthy and involve multiple parties and levels of law enforcement. If you become aware of a pending white-collar crime investigation, it may be beneficial to contact a Grand Rapids attorney for immediate assistance.

Possible Criminal Charges and Penalties

While some white-collar crimes are misdemeanors that generally carry the potential for only one year in jail at most, other actions are felony offenses. With the potentially lengthy terms of imprisonment, the court could also order individuals convicted of felonies to pay thousands of dollars in fines and restitution. If you are found guilty, you may also lose your job, professional licenses, and your ability to continue working in your chosen industry.

A Grand Rapids White-Collar Attorney May Be Able to Help

If you were accused of a white-collar offense, you may be embarrassed, scared, and uncertain what to do. From the beginning of an investigation to criminal court proceedings, legal advice from a well-practiced Grand Rapids white-collar lawyer could prove significantly beneficial to you.

While it may be tempting to try to handle matters on your own, a white-collar criminal investigation could result in very serious charges and severe criminal penalties. Before deciding how to proceed, consider consulting with legal counsel who can offer excellence in criminal defense and work to minimize the impact of the accusations made against you.