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Holland Student Defense Lawyer

When a student at a college commits a crime on the campus of their respective school, their legal future can become very complicated very quickly. Charges at college can lead to difficulty in pursuing further education or jobs after graduation, and in some cases may result in large fines and even imprisonment. On top of that, many students will also face punishments from their school’s disciplinary board, which has the authority to make permanent marks on a student’s transcript, and in severe cases suspend or expel the student from the school. A capable legal defense can be of vital importance in such circumstances. If you are a college student facing criminal charges, a Holland student defense lawyer may be here to help. Read on to learn more about how a professional defense attorney could make a difference in your case today.

University Disciplinary Codes

At many colleges and universities, the rate of criminal cases exceeds that of the surrounding residential areas. However, some of these charges are institutional in nature. A school’s campus security frequently investigates a case before law enforcement becomes involved, and many schools follow their own codes of conduct that are often much more strict than applicable state and federal laws.

Additionally, the university owns and operates most student dorms, which in some cases means they can search them without probable cause or warning in advance. Even if an arrest for a student crime does not result in criminal charges in court, a student may still have to face disciplinary charges from their university. Furthermore, an educational institute must often satisfy a much lower burden of proof than a criminal court. Reach out to a determined defense attorney to learn more.

Common Student Crimes

In many cases, students may not understand all the consequences of their actions, and peers can also pressure them into criminal acts. Certain charges are relatively common in college that entail minimal penalties for students with no prior criminal history. These include actions such as disorderly conduct, Schedule I drug possession, alcohol or drug possession by minors, noise violations, traffic tickets, and public intoxication.

These crimes generally carry serious penalties, both in criminal court and in school disciplinary hearings. Offenses like physical or sexual assault, driving under the influence, drug trafficking, shoplifting, and vandalism may seem minor at the time, but can easily result in hefty fines and even jail time. For example, using a fake ID is a misdemeanor punishable by up to 93 days imprisonment and a $100 fine.

Speak with a Holland Student Defense Lawyer

Any student in Michigan facing criminal charges should consider obtaining the assistance of a dedicated Holland student defense lawyer. Legal counsel could prove particularly helpful for any student who needs assistance navigating a court of law or a disciplinary hearing at a school board. An experienced lawyer can help ensure that you take all necessary precautions to raise a strong legal defense by gathering evidence, interviewing key witnesses, and guiding you or your child through the process. Reach out to a skilled Holland student defense lawyer today for your initial consultation.