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Kent County Student Defense Lawyer

College brings new opportunities and experiences to the lives of young people, but it can also bring temptation. Combined with a newfound sense of freedom, these temptations can lead students to choices that jeopardize their future.

All their hopes and dreams for the future can be destroyed when a mistake leads to criminal charges. Convictions can impact a student’s standing with the school, their financial aid package, and their ability to live on campus. It may be critical to contact a Kent County student defense lawyer for a consultation about your case. An experienced criminal attorney can help you protect your reputation and your presence at school.

Common Student Offenses

For many students, college brings their first opportunity for independence. Drug and alcohol use is prevalent in such settings, and it can be difficult to resist the peer pressure in those environments. Temporary lapses in judgment can result in serious criminal charges.

A Kent County student defense lawyer can help with allegations of:

  • Drug crimes
  • Date rape
  • Assault
  • Drug trafficking
  • Domestic violence
  • Sex crimes
  • Drug possession
  • DUI
  • Minor in possession (usually alcohol, MIP)

Possible Penalties for Students

Students are subject to all the same consequences they would have outside of the university when caught breaking the law. Those convicted of a crime while in college face many serious penalties including fines, probation, jail time, and suspension of their driver’s license.

College disciplinary boards can expel or suspend a student based on their conduct, require them to seek counseling, or require them to enroll in rehabilitative courses. A reprimand or warning may permanently stain a student’s record.

Convictions or actions from the school may limit a student’s future. Graduate school admittance may become more difficult to seek and professional licensure may become an uphill battle to obtain. Even future employment can be jeopardized by a conviction.

College Disciplinary Boards

Most universities have a student code of conduct by which students are expected to abide while attending the school. When a student violates that code of conduct, a disciplinary board may conduct a hearing. Based on the board’s finding, the student may be subject to the penalties listed above. Just because a student is facing action with their college disciplinary board does not mean the charges against them are any less serious.

In some cases, students will face both the disciplinary board and criminal charges. For this reason, it is important to retain a student defense lawyer from the moment the student is facing allegations against them. By getting a Kent County student defense lawyer on board early, clients can minimize the effects such claims can have on them, both legally and academically.

How a Lawyer Can Help

A mistake should not jeopardize your goals. A brief lapse in judgment should not threaten your future. College is often a time of experimentation and personal growth. Do not allow yourself to be denied this once-in-a-lifetime experience because of one bad choice.

Schools know what is at stake for students when they face disciplinary boards. They often move very quickly with disciplinary action, making a phone call to a Kent County student defense lawyer critically important. If you or your child is facing charges because of their actions on campus, you need an attorney who is well-versed in the rights of college students.