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Novi Criminal Lawyer

No matter the type of criminal charge you find yourself facing, you are entitled to legal representation. While you may think that you can handle the charges on your own, having an experienced legal advocate on your side might make the difference between going to prison and maintaining your freedom. A Novi criminal defense lawyer could investigate the facts and circumstances surrounding your criminal charges and weigh the evidence against you.

By diligently exploring potential options for resolving your charges, you could make the decisions that are best for you in your case. True excellence in criminal defense is having a defense attorney who can guide you to the strategy that may be most effective for your case.

Criminal Charges in Novi

Hundreds of criminal offenses exist under state law, but some charges are more severe than others. In Michigan, criminal offenses are classified as either misdemeanors or felonies.

Misdemeanor offenses are generally lower-level crimes that do not result in serious bodily harm to others or the loss of valuable property, and which can result in a maximum of one year of incarceration in county jail upon conviction. Some examples of misdemeanor offenses include first-time DUI/OWI, certain instances of assault and battery, prostitution, trespassing, shoplifting, and disorderly conduct.

This differs greatly from felony offenses, which may result in one year or more of imprisonment in state prison, all the way up to life imprisonment. Felony offenses in Novi include:

  • Domestic assault
  • Manufacturing, or possessing controlled substances or drugs with intent to deliver/deal
  • Robbery
  • First-degree criminal sexual conduct
  • Many more offenses and certain repeat misdemeanors

Both misdemeanor and felony criminal charges are divided into further classifications according to their relative severity. Since the penalties for criminal charges can vary significantly depending on the circumstances, getting the advice of a Novi criminal attorney can be essential to protecting your rights.

Common Penalties in Criminal Cases

Although not all criminal convictions result in imprisonment, most may be punishable by some term of imprisonment in jail or prison. Other common penalties may include:

  • Terms of probation supervised by a probation officer
  • Payment of fines and court costs
  • Suspension of driving privileges
  • Payment of restitution to crime victims

A criminal conviction often has collateral consequences as well. For example, having a criminal conviction may make it more difficult for you to find employment or limit your career options.

Additionally, individuals convicted of a felony in Michigan lose the right to possess or own firearms, vote, and may potentially be excluded from eligibility for federal student loans, food stamps, and housing assistance. A criminal lawyer in Novi can inform you of all potential consequences in your criminal case.

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Each criminal case is unique, often requiring different defense strategies. Assistance from an experienced and knowledgeable Novi criminal lawyer can be extremely valuable in determining the best course of action for your situation. Call today to schedule an initial consultation, learn more about your options, and get started on your case.