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Oakland County Assault Lawyer

If you have been charged with assault, you may be confused about what steps to take after your arrest. Before taking any further action, it is imperative you contact an experienced Oakland County assault lawyer to help you protect your rights in court.

Assault is a very serious charge that comes in a variety of forms, and if you do not have a defense prepared, you could end up facing jail time. In court, the sentence an individual receives will be based on their criminal history and the extent of the injuries the victim has suffered.

If you have been charged with assault, contact an experienced defense attorney to learn more about the charges you are facing.

Assault vs. Battery

Contrary to popular belief, assault is only defined as attempting to hurt or injure another person. In many cases, the definition can expand to include making threats, since a person does not have to make bodily contact with another person to be accused of assault.

To be charged with assault, a person must commit a criminal act, such as making a direct threat to harm another individual and taking action to do so. Assault and battery are often charged together, but it is important to understand that unlike assault, battery involves making bodily contact.

Felonious Assault

In Michigan, felonious assault is defined as committing assault with a dangerous weapon such as a gun, knife, or club. The definition of a dangerous weapon is fairly flexible, but in most circumstances, it simply refers to a weapon that can be used to harm another person.

As the name suggests, felonious assault is more serious than misdemeanor assault, and if a person is charged, they will almost certainly need the help of an Oakland County assault lawyer.

A person can be convicted of felonious assault if a prosecutor can prove the accused individual did the following:

  • Intended to commit a battery
  • Made an attempt to harm the other person or make the other person think they would be harmed
  • Had the potential to commit a battery
  • Committed an assault with the aid of a deadly weapon

Felonious assault is punishable by a $2000 fine and up to four years in prison. Depending on the nature of the charge, and experienced assault attorney in Oakland County may able to reduce a felonious assault charge down to a misdemeanor.

Other Types of Assault

Individuals charged with misdemeanor (simple) assault will need the help of an Oakland County assault lawyer, but the need for an attorney will be even greater for those accused of committing more serious types of assault.

The type of assault charge an individual receives will largely depend on the intent behind the assault. Individuals who threaten others with death, permanent injury, or dismemberment will usually face felony charges. Other serious types of assault charges include:

  • Assault with intent to kill
  • Assault with intent to commit robbery
  • Assault with intent to commit a felony
  • Assault with intent to do great bodily harm

Assault charges are also more serious if a person is accused of assaulting a child, disabled individual, or family member.

Contacting an Oakland County Assault Attorney

Contacting an Oakland County assault lawyer is in your best interest if you have been charged with assault. A skilled lawyer can help you better understand your charges and what legal actions to take. Call today to schedule a consultation with an experienced attorney.