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Oakland County Prostitution Lawyer

It is a crime in Michigan to engage in the act of prostitution or to offer to engage or solicit another for the purpose of prostitution. Anyone convicted of either offense not only faces potential embarrassment, but also a criminal record, jail time, and the possibility of having their car forfeited and seized by law enforcement if it was used during the offense.

If you have been charged with prostitution or another offense related to prostitution, speak with a distinguished criminal attorney about your case. An Oakland County prostitution lawyer who may be able to effectively negotiate with local prosecutors to possibly minimize charges and sentencing.

Local Laws on Prostitution

Prostitution (sometimes referred to as solicitation) is often referred to as a victimless crime if it is fully consensual and no minors are involved. While it is legal in some US jurisdictions, it is illegal in Michigan, where cases are prosecuted and sentenced according to the ordinances of the city or town where the activity is alleged to have occurred.

Oakland County is the second-most populous county in Michigan consisting of many towns, as well as several townships, villages, and unincorporated communities. It is important to contact an experienced Oakland County prostitution attorney to determine which town’s ordinances might apply to the charges. However, many city ordinances regarding prostitution generally address crimes against the public peace and/or disorderly conduct.

Common Criminal Offenses

In addition to the act of prostitution itself, other common offenses include:

  • Being employed or found in a house of prostitution or one in which lewdness is practiced, encouraged, or allowed
  • Being the keeper, operator, or proprietor of a house of prostitution
  • Owning a house or knowingly permitting the use of the house for these purposes
  • Soliciting customers on behalf of a house of prostitution or prostitute
  • Attempting to procure the commission of illicit or lewd acts

Judges generally take a wide variety of factors into consideration, such as whether it is a first offense, whether there are prior offenses (and how many), the defendant’s age, and whether there are any specific or extenuating circumstances. Anyone faced with these charges should speak with an Oakland County prostitution lawyer as soon as possible.

Speaking to an Attorney

While penalties will vary amongst areas, most allow for fines, jail time, or both. The amount of the fine, applicable amount of jail time, and the decision about whether to impose one or the other, or both, are all left to the discretion of the judge who hears the case.

If you have been charged with prostitution, or with being connected to prostitution in any way, it is in your best interests to contact an experienced Oakland County prostitution lawyer who understands which local ordinances might affect you.

Understanding how these are applied within the community can be an important factor in situations where a judge might show leniency or even dismiss a case altogether based on the circumstances. Prostitution charges can seriously affect one’s reputation. It may be critical to see how an Oakland County prostitution attorney can help you protect yours.