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Oakland County Traffic Lawyer

Many people find themselves the recipient of a traffic ticket at one point or another. Most people simply accept the ticket, pay them without a fight and receive points on their driving record. These points have many unfortunate consequences that most people simply do not think of when agreeing to pay off their tickets.

Keep your record from being ruined by unnecessary traffic violation points. An Oakland County traffic lawyer can help you fight unfair traffic tickets and clear your good name. Contact an experienced traffic lawyer as soon as possible to begin establishing your defense.

Common Traffic Offenses

After receiving a traffic ticket, it is normal for a person to feel overwhelmed and confused about their legal rights and what might lie ahead. By hiring an Oakland County traffic lawyer, much of that confusion can be clarified and relieved. An attorney can help with the following kinds of violations:

  • Traffic and speeding tickets
  • Reckless driving
  • Felony traffic violation
  • Misdemeanor traffic violation
  • Driving without a license
  • Driving with a suspended license
  • Insurance violations
  • Hit and run
  • DUI

The Michigan DMV Point System

Points are added to a person’s license every time they are found guilty or responsible for a traffic violation. Some traffic infractions are considered civil, while others are categorized as misdemeanors or even felonies. Points placed on a license remain there for two years from the date of conviction. The moving violation remains on the person’s record, though, for seven to 10 years even after the points have disappeared.

While points cannot be expunged from a person’s Michigan driving record, there are options for removing them. In some circumstances, a skilled Oakland County traffic lawyer can file a motion with the court to set aside an infraction. If the motion is granted, the case will be re-opened and a hearing is scheduled. Clients can revisit the incident with the prosecutor and citing officer.

If a negotiated plea can be reached, tickets can be modified from a moving violation down to a non-moving violation without points. The benefit of this lies in the fact that some non-moving violations are not reported to the insurance companies or the Secretary of State. That means the record is clear and their individual’s insurance rates should not be impacted.

Other Penalties

Beyond points on their license, people convicted of traffic violations in Michigan face increased insurance rates and guilty charges on their driving records. Expensive fines are also likely.

If a person receives multiple traffic tickets and a sufficient number of points over a relatively short period of time, they may also face the suspension or loss of their license altogether.

How an Oakland County Traffic Lawyer Can Help

When you are facing various traffic charges in Oakland County, it is easy to feel confused, stressed and scared about the potential outcomes of your case. Battling your alleged traffic violations does not have to be a painful process. With the help of an Oakland County traffic lawyer, you can be back on the road with a clean driving record soon.