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Plymouth Student Defense Lawyer

While some mistakes that college students make are minor, others may have severe long-term consequences. An arrest stemming from a momentary lapse in judgment could result in a permanent criminal record and might also affect your future—both at school and after graduation.

Do not resign yourself to a black mark on your criminal and educational record. Consider speaking with a Plymouth student defense lawyer for help. If you find yourself in legal trouble while at school, an aggressive defense attorney can help mitigate the effects of an arrest and represent your interests during any college disciplinary board and/or criminal court proceedings.

Common College Student Offenses

Students on college campuses most often end up arrested or charged with criminal offenses as a result of getting carried away during a night out. While many of these offenses are related to alcohol consumption, other charges that university students commonly face may include:

Even if an arrest does not lead to criminal charges, student disciplinary proceedings may still ensue. Before making any decisions in a pending criminal or student disciplinary case, you may wish to consult a Plymouth student defense attorney for advice.

Potential Criminal Penalties

Even for a college student with no prior criminal record, the consequences of a criminal conviction might be severe. High fines and jail time are a distinct possibility for criminal charges, and a drunk driving offense may result in a mandatory driver’s license suspension, potentially hampering your ability to attend classes and school events. Even a sentence of probation is likely to require several different fees that you may be unable to afford to pay.

College-Related Penalties for Student Misconduct in Plymouth

Arrests that do not result in a criminal conviction could also trigger college disciplinary proceedings. Violation of a college or university’s code of conduct may lead to academic probation, loss of credits, counseling, suspension, and even expulsion from school. Depending on the situation, the school may reassign student housing, instate curfews, or prohibit a student from participating in certain on-campus activities.

Some criminal convictions could render students ineligible for federal financial aid, college-based student aid, and honors programs. Convicted students may also lose existing scholarships and be ineligible for future scholarships. Individuals who face disciplinary actions may also be required to disclose this information to future graduate programs, licensing boards, and employers.

In extreme circumstances, a criminal conviction could inhibit an individual’s ability to pursue a certain career path or occupation. These potential consequences all underscore how important it could be to work with a skilled Plymouth student defense lawyer if you face criminal charges as a student.

Work with a Plymouth Student Defense Attorney

Fines, jail time, and a permanent criminal record are only some of the penalties that might result from a criminal conviction. In the most serious cases, the combined impact of a criminal conviction and a student disciplinary finding could prevent you from pursuing your educational and career goals.

By contacting a Plymouth student defense lawyer at the onset of any legal trouble, whether in criminal court or a school disciplinary hearing, you may be able to mitigate the worst consequences and reach a resolution with minimal impact on your future. Find out what excellence in criminal defense can do for you by scheduling an initial consultation to review your case today.