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Novi DUI Charges and Penalties

The penalties for even a first-time DUI conviction can be extremely harsh. If you are facing Novi DUI charges and penalties, you may be in a better position to protect your rights with experienced legal counsel at your side.

If you are convicted, you may go to jail, face substantial fines, and even lose your driving privileges. In some cases, a DUI conviction can cause you to lose your job, some professional licenses, and your career. A seasoned criminal defense attorney may be able to help you mitigate the consequences of a conviction, or even fight to have charges dismissed.

DUI Charges in Novi

Under Mich. Comp. Laws § 257.625(1), operating while intoxicated or OWI is a criminal offense. Individuals commit this crime when they drive with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .08 percent or more. Police officers can measure BAC through breath, blood, or urine testing.

While a simple roadside test cannot be conducted to confirm whether a driver was under the influence of alcohol, driving while intoxicated by drugs is also a criminal act. If any substance impairs individuals to the point that it substantially affects their ability to drive, they can face operating while visibly impaired or OWVI charges under Mich. Comp. Laws § 257.625(3). A conviction under this code section requires no minimum BAC level, just evidence of impairment such as from a field sobriety test.

Although OWVI is a lesser offense than OWI, a conviction may still have undesirable consequences and significant sanctions. As the overall charges and penalties for DUI in Novi are severe, individuals facing these charges likely require legal counsel.

Penalties for Novi DUI

Even a first-time OWI charge may result in up to 93 days of incarceration. Individuals also will face a six-month license suspension. However, unless otherwise barred, they will be able to obtain a restricted license after serving 30 days of the license suspension. Other potential penalties for an OWI conviction can include payment of court costs, fines, and completion of mandatory community service hours.

In Novi, DUI charge penalties may also include attendance of an alcohol education course or other substance abuse treatment depending on the situation. Most of these sanctions also may apply in the case of an OWVI conviction. However, the potential penalties for an OWVI conviction generally are lighter than those for an OWI conviction, particularly in terms of the mandatory license suspension.

Felony DUI Charges and Penalties in Novi

Although most DUI charges under Michigan law are misdemeanor offenses, DUI charges can rise to the level of felonies in some circumstances. For example, if individuals have two prior DUI convictions, they might face a felony OWI charge. A conviction for felony OWI can include:

  • A minimum 30-day jail sentence, with a total sentence of one to five years
  • Revocation of driving privileges for one to five years
  • Fines of up to $5,000
  • 60 to 80 days of community service

Additionally, individuals can face other sanctions for a felony DUI conviction. They may experience confiscation of their license plates, immobilization of vehicles, and forfeiture of their vehicles in some cases. These individuals likely will be unable to register any motor vehicles legally.

Learn about DUI Charges and Penalties in Novi

Regardless of guilt or innocence, you likely will need legal counsel to protect your rights throughout your criminal proceedings. Novi DUI charges and penalties can be extremely severe and harm your future, both professionally and personally. A DUI conviction may make you ineligible for some careers due to a loss of driver’s license. Counsel from a seasoned criminal defense lawyer could potentially mitigate the severity of potential penalties. Call today to schedule a consultation for your case.